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Reasons to consider selling your minerals:

Financial security.

W ouldn't it be nice to have more cash on hand? By selling your minerals you will be entitled to a lump sum cash payment.

Reinvestment and Diversification.

U tilizing your lump sum payment, you'll be in a position to either reinvest or diversify your portfolio.

Simplified Estate Planning (For You).

I f you are in the process of planning your estate, consider selling your minerals as a means of simplifying matters for your heirs.

Simplified Inheritence (For Relatives).

S imilar to simplifying your own estate, by selling your minerals you'll also be sparring your heirs the potential headache of dealing with heavily divided interests.

Capitalize on the "Boom".

T he unfortunate reality of oil and gas mineral value is that they might not be worth as much tomorrow as they are today. As a current owner of minerals it's' worth considering selling as a protective measure against future decreases in your mineral value.

Depleting Asset.

O ver the course of time, producing wells (along with their related royalty checks) diminish. By selling your minerals you will receive a lump sum payment and avoid diminishing production and royalty payments.

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